Dogs, Our real life Superheroes!!!!Is your Furry Family member part of a super hero community? You may secretly have thought this all along but here are a few reasons why we think dogs really do have incredible super powers! Many non believers will poo -poo the thought that our hounds do have special capabilities, but many of their incredible powers are fully backed by science and a plethora of  men wearing white coats! 
So what exactly are our canine companions real life superpowers?


Super Smeller Nose


Did you know a dogs sense of smell is up to 100,000 times more sensitive than a human. Well All of us know that dogs are able to sniff out a treat from miles away but to put it into context a dog could detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water, or two Olympic-sized pools worth compared to us mere humans being able to tell if our cup of coffee has a teaspoon of sugar mixed in it. . Another dog scientist likened their ability to catching a whiff of one rotten apple in two million barrels or apples.

Its a pretty impressive skill don't you think? Us humans have used this amazing ability of our four legged friends in so many ways. Not only are dogs essential in our police and security forces for detecting drugs and illegal firearms but they are also integral members of an elite scientific community. Dogs sense of smell is now used to detect illness too (But more about that next!!

Dr Dog


The Mighty Medic dogs are the elite of the superhero community. These incredible dogs use their skills to assist the human's who desperately need help. Take Bio-Detection dogs, these superheroes are able to detect cancer by smelling minute amounts of chemicals on a humans skin or in their urine,  they are able to detect an impending seizure or diabetic collapse too. Service dogs provide their owners with assistance when their vision is not too great or they are formidable aides for people who are unable to mobilise or move that easily.


Match maker


Forget Online dating. A recent study involving over 2000 Brits found one in every five woman said a man who has a dog is instantly more attractive. So instead of joining the throng of hopefuls at a club on a Friday night, why not get outdoors and take your pooch to the local park. You never know there may be your Mr or Miss Right taking their Magnificent Matchmaker for a walk too. 


Night Ninja


Another of your dogs superpowers is their incredible night-vision, it may not quite be X-Ray vision but its pretty close! Your dogs night vision is around 20/80, compare that to our mere 20/20 vision of a keen eyed human.




Our crazy mutts who make us laugh at their rather silly antics at home are actually rather effective fortune tellers too.  Changes in behaviour like excessive barking lead us to believe that they are able to detect storms and earthquakes. A Japanese researcher found that 60% of dogs exhibited strange behaviour at least a month before a major earthquake. And in 2010 after a survey of pet owners, researchers found that 67% of those involved in the survey said that their pets all acted "weird" before a storm. So take heed when your fur-baby acts a bit "More" strange... they be forcasting bad weather!





Our band of white coated scientists have proved that there is nothing better than a cuddle session with our beloved Fur-babies. We all know that having a bit of chill-time with our babies makes everything feel better again. But our men in white have actually proven that having these snuggle sessions reduces our blood pressure.... So snuggle on.....


Waggy Warrior

When two superhero's meet their method of communication may seem a bit unorthodox to us, however by smelling each others derrières they are speaking with chemicals. By smelling each others bottoms they are in fact finding out a whole bundle of information about their  comrade. Information like health, sex, diet and even their mood. These are some serious powers. And to this us mere humans are able to call them our best friends!! AWESOME!!!