Beads Collection Lead, Blue

by Happy House
Save 50%

With the Fashion dog collars and dog leashes from Happy House you and your dog will blow everyone's mind. The leashes are not just pretty, but also very strong. The beautiful beads are threaded to a steel wire. The charm detail at the top of the lead adds a lovely touch to an already trendy lead.

• Original Dutch Design
• Matching Collars available

Happy-House stands for design and atmosphere; for nice, comfortable products for dogs and cats that offer just a little extra – extra comfort for your beloved pet with products that are also a stylish addition to your home. We not only create luxurious, comfortable items for dogs and cats but also for you and your home’s interior. For example, we have beautiful decorative items, stylish jewellery and even tableware! 

All of these products have one thing in common: They all have something to do with dogs or cats. Happy-House – if pets are a part of your lifestyle! 

Our slogan is: Pets your lifestyle. Hence, for our team: Pets OUR lifestyle! It is our mission to market beautiful products that give every living room just that little extra touch of something special. A team of designers and stylists continuously incorporate the latest fashion trends into our products.

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