I Don't like Mondays Duvet

by Molly Mutt

Eco Friendly Dog Bed

Fill your Dog's bed with your own clothes / fabrics : the dog bed dogs love™

By choosing our molly mutt bed you're saving 111 lbs of CO2e from entering the atmosphere. that's 85% less emissions than a polyfil or foam dog bed!

  • breathable 100% cotton canvas material
  • saves waste by keeping your stuff out of landfills
  • durable, washable & preshrunk covers
  • smells like you, so it's both comforting & comfortable
  • extra covers means less wash for you to do!
  • indoor/outdoor covers are water-resistant polyester

These thin stripes of color create just enough pop without being overpowering. This pattern holds its own as a center piece in or a compliment to any room.

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