Christmas hazards


Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year for the whole family but do you know the risks that Christmas holds for our four-legged Furry Family Members?

Read through the Furzu, "Hazards for our Pets at Christmas" below...




Strong, dark Chocolate is the most toxic to your dog. Symptoms like vomitting, diarrhea are noticeable. Severe poisening causes increased heart rate and low blood pressure which may lead to Seizures. Advanced  chocolate poiseneing will cause heart failure, coma and death.

turkeyTurkey Bones

Rich, Fatty Foods can cause tummy upsets, whilst Turkey bones can splinter and cause serious injury to your pets intestines.  Xylatol found in Sugar free treats can cause dangerous drops in blood pressurecake Raisins and currants

Common Ingredients in one of our favourite festive treats can be extremely toxic to dogs. Raisins and currants cause devastating permanent and sometimes fatal kidney failurealcohol Alchohol

Cheeky dogs and cats may help themselves to any alcohol left lying around. Much the same as people they can become intoxicated but there is a risk that their body temperature and blood sugar will become dangerously low and result in them falling into a coma.baubleChristmas decorations

Ingested Christmas decorations, ribbons and tinsel can cause intestinal blockages. Homemade salt dough ornaments can cause serious neurological problems for greedy dogs. Whilst broken glass decorations can injure and cut cats and dogs delicate paws.lilyLilies

Lilies are one of the most common types of flowers found in bouquets at this time of year. Stargazer, Rubrum, Tiger and Day lilies are highly toxic to cats. Lilies are so toxic for cats that even a small nibble on one or two of the petals or a lap of some spilled vase water or even a small amount of pollen (Ingested when grooming) can cause potentially fatal Acute  Kidney failure.holly Mistletoe

In small amounts mistletoe can cause excessive drooling and tummy upsets. When consumed in larger amount this decorative festive plant can cause heart and nerve damage which can lead to seizures, coma and death.  Holly can cause quite a nasty tummy upset and the spiny leaves can cause traumatic injury to your pets mouth.crowd Stress

Constant visitors and activity in our homes over the Christmas period is confusing and sometimes very stressful for our pets. Make sure they have a quiet and safe retreat for when things get a bit to hectic for them. Stress impacts all animals but symptoms may be more severe in old and frail animals. Symptoms like trembling and shaking, behaviour changes, obsessive habits/licking, house skiing and anorexia are common in stressed lightsChrismass Tree

Pine needles are harmless for our pets but the Christmas tree can still be dangerous for our pets, especially cats. Make sure you secure your tree in position to prevent inquisitive pets knocking it on top of themselves. Always allow your cats to explore before you hang the decorations. This prevents them knocking off and breaking your delicate baubles. Don't use fertiliser in the tree water as this may be toxic to pets who try to have a drink from the trees stagnant water in the base stand.


By taking a few simple precautions your pets will stay safe and enjoy a wonderfull Christmas along with your family.


Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy new year.logo