Dog Duvets by mollymutt

The revolutionary dog bed duvets give your dog a comfortable, clean spot to relax — without sacrificing your style.  All of thier designs are created in-house, so they're totally unique!

mollymutt dog bed duvets aren't just stylish, they're also super easy to clean.  Instead of figuring out how to wash an entire bed or throwing out soiled stuffing, simply remove the padding from your dog's mollymutt bed and throw it in the wash along with the cover.

Dog Duvets by mollymutt - Features

These dog bed duvets are made from 100% cotton canvas that is durable, washable, and pre-shrunk. "outside" duvet covers are made from a poly/cotton blend and are treated to be water resistant.

When you fill one of thier covers with your old stuff not only do you help keep textiles out of the landfill, but you create a plush spot your dog will love.  Dogs love their owner's scent, so those old clothes in your closet are the perfect stuffing!


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  1. duvet: zips off for easy cleaning
  2. stuff sack: forms a you-smelling mattress
  3. armor: optional water-resistant liner
  4. pillow pack: optional add-on bolster


How It Works

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Personalise Your Dog Bed

Stuff Sack:  Mesh stuff sack to organize the inside of your duvet.  The stuff sack helps shape all of the old clothes, pillows and blankets to create a comfy mattress for the duvet cover.  When it's time for a wash, the stuff sack and all its contents can go right into the washer.

Armour:  This water-resistant liner is sized perfectly to fit inside your duvet, over the stuff sack.  Not only does it keep the insides of your dog bed organized, it helps to keep them dry as well.

Pillow Pack:  Pillow packs you re-use old clothes, towels, or even old dog toys to add a stylish bolster to your dog's bed! durable, washable, and pre-shrunk, molly mutt pillow packs are 100% cotton, fully-zippered and sized to fit the short side of your molly mutt dog bed.


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