What type of dog bed suits your dog

Is your dog a "cuddler" or a "snuggler"? Do they prefer to lean or curl or are they perhaps a “freestyler”. At http://www.furzu.co.uk we have beds for any type of sleeper so choosing a bed is made incredibly easy. We have such a large range of high quality beds from top brands like Jax and Bones, Molly Mutt and Play. The most difficult part of choosing a bed may just come to choosing which fabric design would suit your home best.

Dog bed Bulldog

One of the most important factors on deciding what type of bed to buy for your dog is based on what type of sleeper your dog is. "Cuddlers, curlers, snugglers and leaners" would prefer a bed which is high sided. Beds like a lounger that has bolstered side cushions or a beautiful wooden sofa would suit these dogs best.

Dogs that prefer to stretch out or lay flat out would prefer a dog duvet or CozyMat that allows them unconfined room to stretch out in.


doggy sleep positions


Is your dog old and frail?  Perhaps they have arthritis or finding it difficult to climb into a raised bed? Many of our beds have low access allowing them to get into bed more easily and without tripping up. Selecting a NASA grade, high quality memory foam bed would also be the perfect choice allowing them a pain free sleep.

Considering where your dogs bed is going to be kept is also an important factor in deciding what type of bed to buy. Choosing one of our stunning dog sofas, with high sides and  raised off of the floor will provide a snug and protected sleeping area for your dog.

dog sofa


It is also important to consider what type of material your pets bed is made from. Many of our beds are made from performance based fabrics. Some are extremely durable, some are waterproof, some are thick and warm like the Jax and Bones Corduroy beds. The fabrics we have chosen are Modern and will compliment your home beautifully.

comfy dogs


We cater for dogs from super small to super huge too. Many of our beds come in XS to XL sizes suitable from the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane or Mastiff.

As winter fast approaches consider adding some cozy accessories for your pets at bedtime to make their snooze time even more snuggly. Our Tall tails Range of soft, thick fleeces and blankets are just divine. They are super soft and snuggly and are not just made for pets. These stylish blankets can be shared with your pet whilst snuggling together watching TV or reading a book.

See our range of Dog Beds at  https://www.furzu.co.uk/dogs/luxury-dog-beds.